Ivan Gonzalez-Cabrera (Bern) “Folk Moral Realism, Cooperation, and The Human Adaptive Landscape.” Institute Colloquium, December 3 2020 at 6:15 pm – 8:15 pm

The role of evolutionary theorizing on the potential vindication or debunking of morality has been the focus of recent philosophical debate. In this paper, I argue that if recent evolutionary approaches to the vindication of morality are right, we should expect certain predictions about our metaethical intuitions to be the case. The proposed approach helps us to move forward the debate between vindicationist and debunking approaches to the evolution of morality by drawing the empirical consequences of such a view on folk metaethical cognition in particular and normative cognition in general.

Online event. Access can be requested from the administrations office until 4pm on the day before: sekretariat@philo.unibe.ch.